Voting Trends going into Episode 8

Let’s talk about how FSG players are casting their votes! With the merge on the horizon we have to reflect back on previous episodes and what we know about relationships that have been formed. If you’re anything like me, that’s incredibly hard to keep track of after all the tribe swaps!

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At the time of writing this post, Chris (once again) has the highest amount of votes tallied against him. Were you confident enough to place all 10 votes on Chris?

I like to compare the votes, as currently cast to the Player Ranking feature Andrew writes. This week he ranked Chris as most likely to get voted out, followed by Sebastian, Angela, then Libby.

The FSG voting trend looks surprisingly close to his predictions, except that Domenick comes second to Chris (despite the fact that he has an idol…). Why are y’all placing votes on Domenick?

Anyway, here’s the top 4 right now, and to give you an indication of fairness, if everyone was being voted against equally they’d only have 7.69% of votes.

Chris carries 21.66% of the votes

Dominick carries 12.52% of the votes

Libby carries 11.16% of the votes

Angela carries 9.15% of the votes

Unlike our Player Ranking prediction, Sebastian hardly registers any votes. FSG players clearly think (or hope) he’ll be safe next episode. I can’t wait to see what happens!

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Photo Credit: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment

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