Best Move/Worst Move Episode 13

Every Thursday on FSG Blog, we will be posting at least three “Best Moves” and three “Worst Moves” from the latest episode. It’s up to YOU to vote for what you consider to be the best and the worst move. If you disagree with the three options for best or worst moves, then select “Other” and then write an explanation in the Comments section below of the move that you consider to be the best or the worst. The results for this poll will be posted every Monday.

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Domenick and Wendell taking Laurel on the reward

It’s not often that winners of reward challenges choose the right players to join them on the reward, but in this case Domenick and Wendell chose wisely. They knew that Laurel was key to their alliance, so keeping her comfortable was front of mind. Although it seems Laurel is still considering flipping on them, Dom and Wendell’s choice to include her on the reward solidified the bonds between the three players.

Wendell supporting Laurel in her immunity win

After Wendell’s blunder at the challenge, he managed to keep his cool even though it was clearly eating him up inside. He could have thrown a tantrum or argued with Probst about the outcome, but instead, he showed his support to Laurel and didn’t protest. This ultimately led to Laurel deciding not to flip on him (at least not yet) because he endeared her to him due to his diplomatic way of handling the situation.

Kellyn voting for Donathan

At tribal council, Kellyn wisely listened to the whispering going on behind her and decided to throw her vote onto Donathan in order to save herself. Although she ended up getting voted out anyway, she did force a tie initially and nearly escaped the vote. She did the best she could under the circumstances and went out swinging.

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Wendell failing to call his completion of the puzzle

The unspoken rule of puzzle challenges is to call for Probst when you think you’ve completed the puzzle. Wendell obviously completed the puzzle before anyone else, but forgot to call it out. As a result of this absent-minded blunder, he lost the immunity challenge to Laurel.

Donathan spilling his plan to Dom and Wendell

Donathan’s initial plan to blindside Wendell was smart, but Donathan started unraveling his game by telling Wendell and Domenick that he doesn’t feel comfortable in their alliance anymore. By showing his cards to Dom and Wendell, Donathan tipped them off that he was planning on making a big move. As a result, Dom and Wendell made a countermove against him. If Donathan had kept his mouth shut, he could’ve stood a chance at blindsiding Wendell or Dom.

Donathan’s tribal council performance

Donathan was already a target going into tribal council, but instead of trying to smooth things over with Dom and Wendell, he made things worse by refusing to talk with Domenick. It seems that this caused the others to go with the “hammock plan,” and as a result Donathan received three votes. Luckily for him, they decided to vote out Kellyn in the revote, but Donathan nearly dug his own grave.

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2 Responses

  1. You make a good argument about Wendell being more manipulative than diplomatic. To me, it seemed that he mostly controlled his emotions, but I could see how you would consider his reaction to be more of a tiny tantrum. 🙂 That’s why I love this show. It’s so complex that two different people could make two very different arguments about the same move and both arguments could still be valid!

  2. This is one of my favorite features each week 🙂 I disagree with the way you wrote about Wendell in the challenge. I think he did in a way throw a little tantrum! But, I think that’s because he wanted credit that he finished. Honestly, IF he hadn’t brought attention to it, he would’ve been more of a target to go home. But, Laurel was manipulated by the emotions of it not to vote him out. So, in the end it was “a best move” for Wendell, but I don’t give him as much kind and diplomatic credit as you do. I think it was much more (consciously or not) manipulative to get his way, and save his butt.

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