Episode 9 Best Move/Worst Move

Every Thursday on FSG Blog, we will be posting at least three “Best Moves” and three “Worst Moves” from the latest episode. It’s up to YOU to vote for what you consider to be the best and the worst move. If you disagree with the three options for best or worst moves, then select “Other” and then write an explanation in the Comments section below of the move that you consider to be the best or the worst. The results for this poll will be posted every Monday.

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Angela winning immunity

This was a grueling immunity challenge, with each contestant forced to devour an array of disgusting delicacies. Angela’s ability to rapidly swallow and keep down fish eyes, grubs, and sea cucumbers was impressive. What’s more, she even seemed to be enjoying it.

Angela stirring the pot against Michael

This was a great week for Angela. She hasn’t really made any moves up to this point, but with Chris finally out of the picture, she felt free to play her own game. After getting Michael to tell her his plans for voting out Wendell and Domenick, she decided to share that information with her Naviti alliance, mixing in a few other lies of her own. Her allies bought it hook, line, and sinker and immediately started plotting to vote out Michael. Who knew Angela had such strategic chops?

Michael playing his idol

In light of Chris’ blunder last week not playing his idol and getting voted out with it in his pocket, Michael made the correct choice by playing his “stick with a face on it” when he realized he was on the chopping block. Although he’s definitely not out of the reeds yet, buying himself three more days could be the opportunity he needs to turn his game around.

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Wendell telling Laurel about his idol

Although sometimes there is an advantage to telling an ally about your idol, in this case the risks outweighed the rewards. Wendell’s goal in telling Laurel was to solidify their alliance, but all he managed to do was sow distrust between them because Laurel wondered why he hadn’t told her earlier. Unfortunately, it’ll be difficult for their alliance to recover from this.

Michael divulging his plans to Angela

It seems like an innocent mistake, but there was no reason for Michael to tell Angela who he was planning to vote for, especially considering that she is a former Naviti. He should’ve known not to trust her. By doing so, he gave up his power to her, which allowed her the opportunity to conspire against him.

Libby deciding not to make a move

It may have been impossible for Libby to save herself, but the fact that she didn’t even appear to try is baffling. Donathan told her that the Navitis were splitting the votes between her and Michael, yet she didn’t do anything with that information. Instead, she predictably voted for Michael along with everyone else. Of course she didn’t know he had the idol, but why wouldn’t she try to keep the Malolos together, especially since she knew the Navitis were going to split their votes?

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2 Responses

  1. It was a nice moment when Michael played his idol, but yeah, I was disappointed that Libby didn’t try harder to save herself.

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