Episode 6: Player Ranking

Each week, we rank the remaining players in order of the players we think are most likely to stay in the game to those who have the highest chance to be voted out next week. This player ranking is not definitive, but may provide a little insight on possible outcomes in the next episode. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Last week, I ranked Desiree first and James without any knowledge of how the tribes would shake out after the next tribe swap. As it turns out, those were the two names on the chopping block at tribal council! Fortunately for me, James was voted out instead of Desiree! This week, the players will be a lot easier to rank because now that we know the basic tribe dynamics within each of three tribes going into episode 7.

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LAUREL (points earned: 2. Total points earned: 9)

The editors keep reminding us of Laurel’s presence on the show despite her not being a key player in any major story arcs, which means that she’s probably in the game for the long haul. She’s playing a strong social game and no one is targeting her yet. Also, she has strong connections on her new tribe.


WENDELL (points earned: 2. Total points earned: 13)

Wendell is in a much better position in his new tribe. He has a connection with Laurel and now with Sebastian, so he seems to be in the majority on his tribe. He’s also likable and will not likely be a target anytime soon.


JENNA (points earned: 2. Total points earned: 6)

Last week, Jenna was in a terrible position, but now she’s found new life on her post-swap tribe. It seems that not only does she have an alliance with Laurel (and by extension, Wendell) but she is also on a tribe with her flirtmance partner, Sea Bass. She’s also not a threat, so should her tribe lose the next immunity challenge, it’s difficult to see a scenario in which her name gets brought up.

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SEBASTIAN (points earned: 2. Total points earned: 10)

Sebastian continues to be non-threatening strategically and socially. He also made a bond with Wendell this episode, so he moved up in the rankings a little. The only potential problem is that he is again on a tribe with his old ally Chris, who is pissing everyone else off on the tribe. Sebastian just needs to distance himself from Chris and he should be fine.


KELLYN (points earned: 0. Total points earned: 9)

Although it looked dicey there for a moment, the swap ended up working out well for Kellyn. She has Desiree and Angela on her side, and Michael should be an easy vote should they lose the immunity challenge again.


DESIREE (points earned: 0. Total points earned: 8)

It looked like Desiree was on the chopping block due to her lackluster challenge performance, but now that she survived the vote, she is likely safe even if her tribe goes back to tribal council.

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DONATHAN (points earned: 2. Total points earned: 10)

Although Donathan does seem to be outnumbered on his new tribe, should his tribe lose the next immunity challenge, Libby and Bradley are the more likely targets. However, based on the previews for the next episode, the tribe dynamics on new Naviti seem to be explosive, so it could go a variety of ways.


CHELSEA (points earned: 2. Total points earned: 10)

“Purple” Chelsea will not likely be targeted because she isn’t a threat at all. However, it’s possible to see a scenario in which her name could come up due to her association with Bradley (that is, if the other tribemates suspect Bradley has an idol, they may target Chelsea, his closest ally on the tribe).


DOMENICK (points earned: 4. Total points earned: 22)

Domenick still has his idol and his advantage, so he is probably safe next week. However, he was duped by the Malolos before, so he isn’t always the most perceptive player. Also, with the preview hinting that his alliance with Bradley and Chelsea is under fire, should his tribe go to tribal council, anything could happen.


ANGELA (points earned: 0. Total points earned: 11)

Angela sided with Desiree and Kellyn in last week’s vote, resulting in James’ ouster from the game. However, she was noncommittal and wishy-washy, so Kellyn and Desiree don’t trust her. Although Michael is a more likely target should new Malolo lose the next challenge, it’s possible that Kellyn and Desiree decide to take out Angela instead if they see her as an expendable liability.  


CHRIS (points earned: 2. Total points earned: 14)

Because of his impressive challenge prowess, Chris will probably lead his tribe to victory again next week. However, should his tribe lose the immunity challenge, he is the most likely target within his tribe because he’s starting to piss people off.


LIBBY (points earned: 2. Total points earned: 9)

Bradley and Domenick have already conspired to get rid of Libby, who they perceive to be a conniving and manipulative player. She seems like the most likely target on that tribe; however, the previews for next week indicate that the new Naviti tribe dynamics will fall apart and possibly shift the target from her to Bradley.


BRADLEY (points earned: 2. Total points earned: 10)

Though it seemed at first that Bradley was in a good position on his new tribe, next week’s preview makes it look like he will be rubbing people the wrong way due to his cocky and condescending attitude (Donathan seems to be particularly peeved). Bradley has received a negative edit so far, so next week could finally feature his much-anticipated downfall.


MICHAEL (points earned: 0. Total points earned: 6)

Poor Michael. He went from the bottom of one tribe to the bottom of another. Of all the players, he is still in the worst position for no fault of his own. He will probably be voted off if his tribe loses immunity next week. His only hope is if Kellyn and Desiree decide to keep him for his physical strength over Angela, whom they might consider to be too untrustworthy to keep around.

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