Episode 5: Player Ranking

Each week, we rank the remaining players in order of the players we think are most likely to stay in the game to those who have the highest chance to be voted out next week. This player ranking is not definitive, but may provide a little insight on possible outcomes in the next episode. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Note: Due to the fact that next week’s episode will likely feature another tribe swap, making it extremely difficult to predict the outcomes, the rankings this week are based on the information we’ve gathered about each contestant from previous episodes regarding their relationships with each other, prominence in the season’s main storylines, visibility, etc. We are NOT attempting to predict who will end upon on which tribe.

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Starting with Most Likely To Stay in the Game….

DESIREE (points earned: 0. Total points earned: 8)

Desiree hasn’t pissed anyone off yet, and she also hasn’t received enough screen time to be considered that relevant to the main storyline. No matter which tribe she ends up on, she will probably be safe, unless she finds herself outnumbered by former Malolos.

CHELSEA (points earned: 0. Total points earned: 8)

Chelsea is in the same situation as Desiree, where she hasn’t received much focus in the edit yet, so she will not likely be a target. However, she is ranked just below Desiree because she isn’t as strong in challenges and could prove to be a liability to her tribe, especially if there are three tribes of five.

LAUREL (points earned: 3. Total points earned: 7)

Although Laurel is a Malolo, she is ranked above most of the Navitis because she is doing a fantastic job making social connections with multiple contestants. She’s also great at challenges but hasn’t put a target on her back yet. It would be difficult to see a scenario in which Laurel is voted out anytime soon.

DONATHAN (points earned: 3. Total points earned: 8)

Like Laurel, Donathan is also great at making connections with people. In episode 5, he was shown to connect with Chris, and in episode 4 he also connected with Wendell and Domenick. No matter which tribe he ends up on next week, he should be okay. The only reason he would be voted out is if he doesn’t perform well in a challenge, which is a possibility.

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SEBASTIAN (points earned: 0. Total points earned: 8)

Sebastian isn’t perceived to be much of a threat socially or strategically, so he should be safe. The only reason he would be targeted is for his physical strength, but since the merge is at least a few episodes away, he probably won’t be targeted just yet.

KELLYN (points earned: 0. Total points earned: 9)

If the former Navitis are targeted by former Malolos in an attempt to level the playing field, Kellyn could become a victim because she was seen to be one of the leaders of the Naviti alliance. However, she’s less likely to be targeted than Bradley due to her strong social skills.

WENDELL (points earned: 3. Total points earned: 11)

Wendell is likable and has been able to fly under the radar so far. The only cause for concern is that if Domenick is targeted for having an idol, Wendell could find himself in danger due to his tight alliance with Domenick.

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DOMENICK (points earned: 5. Total points earned: 18)

Domenick is in a much better position now than a few weeks ago, mostly due to his new alliance with Laurel and Donathan. However, he is still a huge threat because nearly everyone by now probably knows about his idol. Also, if he ends up on the same tribe as Chris again, Chris is going to try to take him out.

ANGELA (points earned: 3. Total points earned: 11)

Like Wendell with Domenick, Angela is aligned with Chris and could find herself in trouble if she gets caught in the Domenick-Chris battle next week. However, it’s not likely that she’ll end up on the same tribe as both Chris and Domenick.

CHRIS (points earned: 3. Total points earned: 12)

Chris has endeared himself to some of his tribemates recently, including James and Donathan. However, the battle with Domenick isn’t over yet. He also wasn’t in a good position with most of the former Navitis before the first swap, so depending on how the next swap shakes out, he could be in trouble again.

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BRADLEY (points earned: 0. Total points earned: 8)

Although Bradley has a lot of allies in Chelsea, Desiree, Kellyn, and Sebastian, he also has some enemies. If he finds himself on a tribe with a lot of former Malolos, he will likely be targeted because he is seen as the head of the Naviti alliance. Also, he’s kind of a jerk and some players (i.e. Jenna and Michael) may want some revenge.

JENNA (points earned: 0. Total points earned: 4)

Jenna isn’t a threat, but because she’s a former Malolo and doesn’t have a lot of allies, she could find herself on a tribe of Navitis who want to take her out just based on the fact that she’s a former Malolo.

LIBBY (points earned: 3. Total points earned: 7)

Due to her close alliance with James, Libby could become a target next week, especially if the former Navitis find out how she betrayed Morgan.

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MICHAEL (points earned: 0. Total points earned: 6)

Michael barely made it through last week’s episode after his failed idol play, and although he’s likable and strong in challenges, he could still be in trouble if he ends up on a tribe comprised of mostly former Navitis.

JAMES (points earned: 3. Total points earned: 7)

James was in a great position last week, but of all the Malolos, he could become the biggest target based on the fact that he masterminded Morgan’s blindside. Also, compared to Michael, his social skills aren’t quite as strong, so if he finds himself at the bottom of his tribe, he may not be able to find a way to save himself.

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