Episode 5: Best Move/Worst Move


Every Thursday on FSG Blog, we will be posting at least three “Best Moves” and three “Worst Moves” from the latest episode. It’s up to YOU to vote for what you consider to be the best and the worst move. If you disagree with the three options for best or worst moves, then select “Other” and then write an explanation in the Comments section below of the move that you consider to be the best or the worst. The results for this poll will be posted every Monday.

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Chris winning the reward challenge for his tribe

Sure, all he really won for his tribe was coffee and cinnamon rolls, but it was still impressive to see Chris showing off his mad pitching skills by hitting each target with bean bags, one after the other. Also, it wasn’t really just about the reward in the end. Chris managed to show his tribe how valuable he was, as James pointed out, which could help ingratiate him into his tribe until the merge.


Chris bonding with Donathan

It’s shocking, but Chris gets TWO best moves this week! Chris was smart to try and bond with Donathan because he desperately needs to make social connections with others on his tribe if he wants to stay in the game. He seems to have made inroads with Donathan, which could save him if Donathan decides to align with him.

Michael pitching his case to Bradley

Although Michael, Stephanie, and Jenna each plead their case in an effort to save themselves, Michael’s pitch seemed to have been the most effective, especially considering that he had the biggest target on his back of the three after last week’s tribal council performance. His argument was that the tribe needed his strength in challenges and that he would be loyal to them from now on, just as he was loyal to the other Malolos. The Navitis bought it and sent Stephanie home instead.


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Chelsea losing time in the immunity challenge

Although Chelsea did fairly well during her first attempt at the first leg of the challenge, she lost a lot of time for her tribe on her second attempt. Not only was she slow to get across the bridge, but she took forever to get onto her board so her tribe could pull her in, and she even fell off so that she had to swim the rest of the way. Had she not lost so much time, her tribe may have won the challenge.


Kellyn and Bradley failing to finish the puzzle

Sure, Kellyn and Bradley were under a lot of pressure to finish the puzzle because their tribe was behind. But these two have proven themselves to be fantastic at puzzles in the past, so they should have been able to handle it. When the most important part of immunity challenges is the puzzle, they ultimately failed to deliver. Kellyn’s reaction after their loss said it all.


Stephanie’s missed opportunity

Although Stephanie made her case to Bradley in order to stay in the game, she could have done so much more. Considering she was sent to Ghost Island, she could have used the opportunity to make a fake idol or pretend that she had a fake idol in order to spread paranoia amongst the Navitis. Instead, she played it safer and decided to hope for the best, which didn’t pay off in the end.

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