Draft Assessment: Libby

Libby could be this season’s “sweetheart”, like Colleen Haskell (6th place, Survivor: Borneo) or Elisabeth Filarski-Hasselbeck (4th place, Survivor: Australia), who both used their charm and likability to make it deep into the game. Libby even mentions Elisabeth as one of her inspirations. Her other three Survivor comps are quite impressive because they show her knowledge of Survivor history and a level of self-awareness: Kim Spradlin (winner, Survivor: One World), Jenna Morasca (winner, Survivor: Amazon), and Natalie White (winner, Survivor: Samoa). Natalie White is probably the best comparison, since she was also a young southern blonde who used her disarming nature to make it to the end and beat Russell Hantz. But will Libby find her own Russell to use as a meat shield? And will she be able to keep her political and religious beliefs to herself without putting off her tribemates?

Bottom line: Libby will likely make it to the merge, and possibly to the end of the game, due to her charm and likability alone. She would make a great Sole Survivor pick.

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