Episode 7 Vote for Best Move/Worst Move

Every Thursday on FSG Blog, we will be posting at least three “Best Moves” and three “Worst Moves” from the latest episode. It’s up to YOU to vote for what you consider to be the best and the worst move. If you disagree with the three options for best or worst moves, then select “Other” and then write an explanation in the Comments section below of the move that you consider to be the best or the worst. The results for this poll will be posted every Monday.

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Kellyn wagering her vote for an advantage

Once again, Kellyn found herself on Ghost Island and once again, she had to choose between wagering her vote for an advantage or choosing to do nothing. The first time, Kellyn made the right choice when she decided to do nothing, because had she forfeited her vote, Malolo could have taken control of her tribe. This time, she made the opposite choice to wager her vote, which was again the right choice for several reasons. First, she already had the majority on her tribe, so losing her vote wasn’t as risky. Second, her odds of getting the advantage had improved, from a 50-50 chance to 2 out of 3. Survivor is often about taking smart, calculated risks, and Kellyn’s gamble paid off.

Wendell finding an idol

This was the first of TWO idols found in this episode! Although the edit made it look really easy, we have to imagine that Wendell was looking for awhile. What was most impressive about his idol search is that no one seemed to catch on that he was even looking at all. Now he has Erik’s famous cursed immunity necklace, and when he and his ally Dom reunite next week, they will have two idols and an advantage between them.

Michael leading his tribe to victory

Michael also found an idol this week (the stick with a face on it!), which he needed very badly, but his immunity challenge performance was even more impressive. He managed to close the gap between his tribe and Naviti by swimming like Aquaman, then secured his tribe’s victory by throwing the rings onto the pegs, narrowly beating out Donathan. His tribe was not nearly as physical as the other two tribes, so he made up a lot of the slack. Although he could have played his idol if his tribe went to tribal council, now Michael can keep his idol going into the merge.

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Bradley pissing off his tribe

It should have been easy for Bradley to make it through this episode. He was in an alliance with Domenick and Chelsea, so he had the majority on his tribe. All he needed to do was keep his mouth shut and not be a condescending jerk. However, Survivor tends to bring out the true nature of its players, and Bradley dug his own grave by alienating his tribe mates with his negative attitude and grating behavior.


Domenick and Chelsea blindsiding Bradley

Although it was immensely satisfying to see Bradley blindsided, I’m not convinced it was the best move for Chelsea and Domenick (there’s no question it was a good move for Donathan and Libby). Sure, Bradley was annoying and difficult to live with, but if the Navitis had voted out Libby, then they would have had better numbers at the merge. Also, by blindsiding Bradley they risk pissing off the rest of the Navitis, especially Kellyn. We’ll see how it plays out next week, but regardless, it was an emotional move and not a logical one.


Domenick struggling in the immunity challenge

I don’t mean to rip on Domenick so much because he’s not playing a bad game. However, he didn’t have a great week. The bottom line is, if he hadn’t slowed down his tribe in the swimming portion of the challenge, then they would have likely won and Malolo would have been sent to tribal.

photo credit: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment

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