Current Trends: Going into Episode 5

Here at Fantasy Survivor Game, it’s fun to see behind-the-scenes voting trends. I think producers and editors sure have a way of influencing us by how they edit episodes. Do you think they fairly portray the cast’s personalities? How much do you depend on the “Next Time on Survivor” preview when casting your vote?

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For 2 weeks in a row, FSG players have outstandingly voted in favor of Chris being the one out next. Almost 19% of votes cast are towards him. At the time of writing, he has nearly 7% more votes than Michael, who comes next.

Last week the popular vote was even higher with Chris once again at top, and Domenick trailing in behind him almost by 7%

To give you an indication of fairness, if everyone was being voted against equally for Episode 5 they’d only have 6.25% of votes.

Donathan was initially in the anticipated next-to-go hot seat, but has now moved down to safety. He carries only 3.81% of the votes.

Who appears to be the most safe according to FSG players? Libby. Surprisingly due to her moves last episode, don’t you think?


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Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment

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