Indicates a new rule this season.

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How to Win

Score the most points in your group by the end of the season to claim the title "Tribe Winner". It's not as fancy as the Sole Survivor title, but this one wasn't copy written.

Scoring Points

Players earn points when their drafted Survivor's do various things during the show, for correctly guessing the Survivor voted out each week and other ways like picking the winner of Survivor before the Season begins.


If there is a tie the tie breaker is as follows. First, the player with more Vote points. Second, the player with more Survivor points. Third, the player with more Bonus points. If the game is still tied, it remains tied.

New Season Rules

If the TV Show Survivor adds or changes the game show in any way, Fantasy Survivor Game may add or change its rules. These should go into effect the same episode the additional or changed rules go into effect on the show. Fantasy Survivor Game will notify you via email should this be the case.


Reward (1):

Tribe Reward: Each Survivor who wins a tribe reward challenge receives 1 point. If a player has multiple survivors on the winning tribe they receive 1 point for each Survivor.
Individual Reward: A Survivor who wins an individual reward challenge receives 1 point. If the winning Survivor brings 1 or more other Survivors on the reward, those Survivors also receive 1 point.

Immunity (2):

Each Survivor who wins an individual immunity or tribe immunity challenge receives 2 points. If a player has multiple survivors on the winning tribe they receive 2 points for each Survivor.

Tree Mail (1):

A Survivor that reads any part of a tree mail message receives 1 point.

Had Idol (1):

A Survivor who holds a hidden immunity idol, at any time during an episode, will earn 1 point. Holding means they own it and could if needed play it to discount all votes cast against them during tribal council.

Advantage (1):

A Survivor who holds an Advantage, at any time during an episode, will earn 1 point. An Advantage, for example, is an extra vote that can be used during tribal council. It is not a immunity idol, but something else like an extra vote.

Grant Reward (1):

A Survivor that grants a challenge reward, so that one or more other Survivor(s) gain the reward, receives 1 point in addition to any points for winning the reward.

Merge (1):

A Survivor that is part of the new merged tribe receives 1 point.


Pick Survivor Voted out (0-10):

Players receive game points equal to the number of vote points allocated to any Survivor(s) voted out that week. Being voted out means a Survivor is out of the game because they received the most votes after idols and/or advantages were played, they drew the black rock, or lost a fire challenge.


Pick Winner of Survivor (25):

Before the 1st episode starts each player may choose the Survivor they think will win. Correctly guessing awards a player 25 points when the winner is revealed during the final episode.

Survivor Out of Game (*):

When a Survivor is Out of the Game, by any way including being voted out, quitting, or being removed for medical reasons, the player with that Survivor scores a number of points equal to the placing of the Survivor.
For Example, if there were 18 Survivors in a season and your Survivor was out 2nd, their overall place would be 17th, so you would score 17 points.