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Q: How do I invite people to my group?

A: If you are in a group and want your friends to join it's simple for you to invite them. Click here to invite your friends.

Q: How do I change groups?

A: Scroll to the bottom of any page and click "Join/Leave Group". Click the link "Click here to leave the tribe" and select YES. You can then join/start a new group. Note that you may not change groups after the show has started.

Q: Where do I change my email notification settings?

A: Click on your email address at the top of any page to get to your account settings. On the left you can change the settings.

Q: The player I voted for was medically evacuated or quit the game. Do I still get vote points?

A: Players only score Vote points for correctly guessing the Survivor voted out. Any Survivor that quits or is medically evacuated will not score points for players that guess they would be voted out.

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