Frequently Asked Questions

Go here to invite your friends. You can give them a 12 digit group code, or send them a link to your group.

Go here to change groups. Click "Leave the group" and select Yes. You can then join/start a new group. Changing groups after the show has started is not permitted.

Currently up to 50 people can be in a group.

Currently, only one group is allowed per email address. We hope to address this in the future.

Go here to change your tribe name.

Players only score Vote points for correctly guessing a Survivor who is voted out.

Players receive 1 bonus point per Survivor per episode they are gone. Gone means the Survivor is no longer able to score points. Survivors on Exile Island or similar will not score bonus points because they can potentially still score points.

Always vote for the Survivor(s) you believe will be voted out of the game.

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